Ribless Nesters

Leading industrial firms and institutions find Panel Controls Corporation’s ribless, nesting Tote Boxes superior for efficient materials handling in situations where cleanliness, smooth surfaces and attractive appearance are required. These tote boxes reduce handling costs, save valuable floor space, and simplify every phase of handling.
They are designed without sharp corners or corrugations for ease of maintenance. Virtually indestructible in normal use, they cannot rust, chip, flake or corrode and are resistant to most acids and alkalis.
Special “Draft Contour” design permits nested storage and rapid separation. PCC’s ribless nesters will take the punishment of busy industrial production, moving from one station to another, in inter-plant transfer or in storage.
Available in popular modular sizes, they are made of gray polyethylene or white, gray or tan monolithic, non-particulating ABS plastic that complies with military specifications for clean room requirements. Non-toxic and non-abrasive, these trays and boxes resist most acids and solvents.
Panel Controls Corporation’s complete line of ribless nester Tote Boxes will adapt to a wide variety of uses. If required, they can be fitted with dividers at the factory to meet “custom” requirements. These boxes are also available in conductive ABS if desired (not recommended for clean room use).